Friday, June 17, 2011

The Dragonfly Incident

From Las Vegas, the Entertainment Capitol of the World, Tammy Espino shares this whimsical short tale proving that Tammy is every bit as entertaining as her city!  You'll just have to read this little story to know what I'm talking about!  Have a great time, and enjoy the photos.

(More of Tammy's work can be seen by clicking the links, below.)


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THE DRAGONFLY INCIDENT: (A prickly situation)

It’s the first week of June, and things are really starting to heat up here  in Southeast Nevada.  In summer the times to be out shooting Nature and landscapes are limited to the break of dawn and then again at sunset-- unless you’re a trained Navy Seal!

My morning started out frustrating today, as I was trying to purchase plane tickets online, and could not find any seats for the times I needed them.    Since I had gotten a late start because of the plane tickets fiasco, I would have to rush because the temperatures were already rising quickly.

Land of Dragonflies

My first stop was the Henderson Wild Bird Viewing Preserve (BVP). BVP is becoming one of the best places in southern Nevada to watch birds.  Desert species, water birds, wading birds, shorebirds and insects of all shapes, sizes, and colors can be abundant here.  Paved and dirt walkways run on dikes that divide the area into 13 brush-lined ponds that provide many vantage points for viewing birds.  But I was going there to shoot dragonflies! 

I did not realize that BVP had switched to summer hours and would close in less than an hour.  Just my luck! 
I met a nice older gentleman right off, and the two of us carried on together to Pond #9.  A few American avocets buzzed us and then some Killdeer feigned broken wings for our cameras.  Their babies must have been close by.  I managed to click off a few quick shots, but the dragonflies were not cooperating today.  None would be kind enough to sit still for me, so I was out of luck for now.  “I WILL be back,” said I in my best “Terminator” accent.

Worth a Scolding by Security

Little Pollen Face
Next stop:  The cactus garden just up the street from where I live.   Sometimes dragonflies buzz around there and I also was hoping to see new blooms on the cacti.

Cactus Garden I

While taking a brief rest on a park bench, I saw in rapid succession:  A woodpecker, a hummingbird, a quail with about 14 babies (I’ll come back to find them again; they got away quickly), several lizards and some new cactus blooms.

Another Bloomin' Cactus
There's More to See than just Cacti

At the entrance to Cactus Garden

Wild Flowers are all through the Garden

Well, I guess I have always had a propensity for breaking rules…especially silly ones and particularly when I’m on an important mission.  Visitors are supposed to stay on the sidewalk and trails,  but today I was in my “Rules are made to be broken” mode.  After taking an owl’s eye gander around to make sure I was out of eyeshot of  Security Officers and other tourists,  I slowly and carefully maneuvered onto the dirt path between some cacti.  And I got my shot of the fresh blossoms!

Cactus Garden II

And just as if to say “You were WARNED, Dummy,” the cactus thrust its needles at me, and as I’m writing this tale, I’m still smarting -- in a very sensitive spot!

Sharp and Unkind, Cactus Needles Come Out in Clumps

Got me Again!

Well, except perhaps for my sore bottom,  it had turned out to be a great day, and I was only scolded by a Security Guard once!  In his most stern voice, he yelled harshly, “Get away from the trees!”  And that was it!  Under my breath, of course, I was muttering, “I will go anywhere I want as soon as you’re not watching me!”   And then I made friends with him.  Some of my best friends are the police and security officials who are out there to thwart my photo shoots!   I can’t figure out why I’m so conspicuous!  Perhaps my three cameras, five or so lenses and my trusty tripods and my deer-stalker’s cap are the dead giveaway!


Avocet Party

  All photography by Tammy Espino



I have been a photographer for most of my life.  At first I shot mostly family and vacation photos.

In high school I was on the year book team so most of my friends appear in the book. That was back when photography was film cameras and dark rooms (gives away my age!!)

A few years ago I became a member of a very popular online photo sharing site.  I’ve learned a lot and keep on learning from so many nice people; and have expanded my collection of camera and photo gear. My photos have appeared in the local newspaper, in Times Square in NYC, on local television. in art shows and photo contests. I have a book  of flowers at Bookblubs; and though I love nature photography best, photography, in all of its forms, is my passion.

P.S.:  The Quail family keeps getting away from me this year, they are faster than me and my camera I will get them though :) 


Tammy's Bonus Shots:


City Girl Encounters Wild Animals


Top Guns

Vegas Wetlands

Huntington Morning

Pier 77

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Anonymous said...

Darling story and very descriptive, but what happened to the update on the quail and babies?

Anonymous said...

Congrats Tammy on a great 'story' and some wonderful shots! Can't wait to hear AND see an update in the future! Happy shooting! Dianna Hauf

Karen said...

I enjoyed reading your story, Tammy. I'm also glad I'm not the only one who has trouble getting the Dragonflies to sit still & pose for pictures! Lol. Your photos are amazing!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much to everyone for reading and leaving such nice comments! And a special thanks to Michelle. Without her I could't of done this story!! Tammy

george said...

I love yer blog....the photos are unique as the person on the other side of lens...PEACE

george said...

I love yer blog and all the pics....they are as precious as the person on the otherside of the lens...PEACE

judy Grant said...

Tammy , I already feel like I know u and would love to go on a shoot with u and just maybe one day we will !
Great story and fabulous photos as always !!!! Happy Shooting !!!!! Judy Grant

Linda H. said...

Wonderful Story and Beautiful Photos! Tammy you are AMAZING! Michelle, you did a great job putting all this together! Great work!

Peaches said...

You go girl, I cant wait till I get down there in Oct and get yelled at by security LOL....Have those hummers and dragonflies trained to sit by then hehehehe
Awesome story!

Peaches said...

AWESOME photos as well, :)

Arla said...

Nice work - literal & visual!

Joe DiGilio said...

Good story Tammy, I enjoyed it & I can relate to it. We all have battle scars acquired, for the sake of our craft, while in the RELENTLESS PURSUIT of that shot we see in our minds eye long before we ever take it. You are a fine photographer. These shots are beautiful.

Mitch Spence said...

Tammy, great story. I so enjoyed reading it because I can picture you every step of the way. I also know your excellent skills in dealing with security folks. It's much fun to see so many of your shots here too. Now, you have to promise me that you'll take me to the wetlands and to the cactus garden next time I'm in LV. I will promise to try not to get there again in summer. :) Mitch

Steve Harrington said...

What a rebel! :) I like your style, Tammy, and enjoyed your images very much. Nice work!

Carol said...

Wow Tammy, I like the story. The pictures are pretty awesome I must say. Good job. New you where creative.

Virgil said...

Tammy I enjoyed your story it was like you telling me in person. Love your pictures. Keep up the excellent work


Lorna Shutter said...

What a fabulous story, Tammy Girl! I love the amusing way in which it was told! You really have a great sense of humour and wonderful tale rendering skills! You already know that I admire you for your beautiful photographic work! ... The images you have picked to display here are some of your best! Outstanding job, my friend! :)

Anonymous said...

great photo's and funny story did not know you were that funny???? I know you are going to make it to the top with your photo's

Jo said...

Tammy, the photos are so real I felt like I could reach and touch everything. The story sounded very much like something your mother would do.

Larry & Kim-Cousins said...

Tammy,Great story and photos, your
unique talent shows thru both.
Larry & Kim Boyd-N.Y.

Anonymous said...

Awesome story and photos, Vegas! Your writing is VERY entertaining and I would have loved to have seen your run in with the cactus and the security guy in person! LOL

Sunny said...

Loved the picture and your story Tammy. Bad knees don't let me walk far anymore, so I appreciate your seeing it all for me.

Sarah said...

Your pictures are awesome Tammy. And, what a great story!

LauraEm said...

I loved your story, Tammy, and now want to add this neat place to my short list of MUST DO's when I meet you in person someday! :D

BTW, we get HUGE dragonflies in my back yard here in Canada. HUGE. They even pose for me sometimes but can I ever take even take ONE great shot?

Noooooooooo! SO, YOU will have to come HERE and shoot them for me, and I do mean with the camera! HA!

Loved this fun story and you are sure a top notch photographer!


frank degenhardt said...

I have known City Girl, alis Vegas, ever since I have been on BP. I concider her a close friend. We have always supported each other. I think she is so much fun and I love how she can make us laugh.
When it comes to photography, as you can see by these stunning pictures, shes all business. She also is one to go out of her way to help others. She is beautiful on both the inside and outside. What a gal.

Ron McEwan said...

Gee Tammy this is one exciting story and the photos are superb. After reading the other comments and to follow Frank has pretty well bankrupted my vocabulary. Super job; we all have been there, you are honest enough to admit it LOL. RON

Anonymous said...

Sandy said: Great story, imagination and photo's...........consider doing something in Desert Shores......we have 7 beautiful black swans!

Darlene said...

U have a great eye for desert beauty. I miss the desert. Thanks for letting me see it again. Darlene

Doug Perry said...

Tammy, really liked your story. I did get a little well, nervous since I am one of the people yelling at people to follow the rules in the parks. But, I am one of the ones trying to get a shot too! LOL. Beautiful shots.