Friday, May 27, 2011

Rockin' Robin

Karen Kessler, of Memphis Tennessee graciously agreed to share this whimsical tale of a wild male bird that has fallen madly in love...and is in Relentless Pursuit -- of  himself!  I guess we all know a guy or two like that, right?

Rockin' Robin is a great little yarn that is sure to amuse; If you find yourself grinning, it's a good time to go and take a look in a mirror!


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Michelle Alton


Rockin' Robin

Did I tell you about my robins?  They had built a nest on a ladder hanging on my neighbor’s garage.  Anyway, there is a funny story about the male robin that I want to share with you!

Mama Robin in Nest

Apparently, he (I dubbed him Rockin' Robin) discovered the driver’s side view mirror on my car a few weeks ago.  I was trying to figure out why the driver’s door always had a lot of bird poop running down the side of it…and always in the same place.  I finally saw him looking at the "birdie" in the mirror one day and figured out what was going on!

Messy Car

Well, for a couple of nights I decided to close/fold the mirror inward when I got home to hide it from the silly bird.  He seemed to be visiting the "other" birdie late at night or early in the mornings.  The next morning on one of those days I happened to look out and see him on the ledge of my car door. pressed against the window.  Remember – the mirror was folded toward the door. The robin was so funny as he pecked between the mirror & the window…he just wanted to see the pretty bird!

I then decided to leave the mirror in its normal position for the next couple of nights.  One afternoon shortly after I got home, I looked out and he was on the ledge gazing at himself again.  He was even pecking at the mirror! I couldn’t grab my video camera fast enough to capture him pecking, but I did get some video of him standing there admiring himself.  I think he’s in love with the bird in the mirror.  (Talk about being VAIN!)

This image is a frame from the video footage
Lately it has become a game to see who wins the next round...he seems to be winning most days, too! I've tried repeatedly to get a still photo of him sitting on my car door looking in the mirror, but he seems to know I'm watching him and he flies away before I can get that "caught in the act" picture. My Dad had the perfect comment for Rockin' Robin's actions: "He saw himself in the mirror and it scared the crap out of him!"
I’ve never seen anything like this before!  I wonder if he’s "marking his territory" by pooping on my car?  A girl at work said maybe he was just standing  there for so long that needed to "relieve himself"!  I don’t know, but it can be cleaned off easily and it’s so funny to watch him!  I’ve found that a little spray bottle of soapy water and some paper towels do the job.  Of course, it never stays that way very long.  There is always a little "surprise" awaiting me the next morning.   I'll keep trying to get him, though.   I've made a "Wanted" poster for his capture, so let me know if you see him! HA!

  All photos by Karen Kessler


Karen Kessler Bio Sketch
I live in Memphis, Tennessee, and have always enjoyed taking pictures at family events. However, it wasn't until I got my first DSLR a few years ago that I became more serious about my photography.   It's still in the hobby stage and may always be, but I've found it to be a wonderful stress reliever.   I see things differently when I'm looking through my camera lens and always enjoy my adventures!   There's a lot of beauty as well as humor out there just waiting to be discovered!


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Joe DiGilio said...

Cute story Karen. Do you think this bird has issues or what? I love your WANTED sign.

LauraEm said...

Oh, this was so funny and so cute, Karen. I really enjoyed it. My Mother used to have a Robin that would fly right into the kitchen and land on her counter in the mornings to collect his bread crumbs she'd leave there. She would leave the door open for him after she'd set up his breakfast! Good thing she never had a mirror set up near by. He was beautiful just like yours. HA!


Kaye said...

too cute. Mother nature has a way of amusing us.

ejkh555 said...

I LOVE IT! Thanks for posting. It gives me a new perspective about the "crap" that happens to us!

Monnie Ryan said...

Cute story and interesting bird behavior, although I don't think I'd be so forgiving on the car poop issue! How about taking an old sweat sock and pulling it up over the mirror when you're not using the car? Once the birdie discovers he can't see himself any longer, he'll go away.

Ron McEwan said...

That Monnie is always thinking. Cute and a great story for the blog. We have a mulberry tree in our yard that is producing berries now. So we go to the car wash often.

Nancyj said...

Fantastic reality story of this bird who loves to admire itself. Guess birds are similar to humans. Your story is funny, and inspiring. Now, did you catch that bird yet? 8o)

Anonymous said...

Cute and well written story, Karen!! Yet another good reason that cows don't fly...

Robert B