Tuesday, February 9, 2010

HOPE Refreshed: Signing Up With a Coach * Part I

 Ultra High-End Condo

I answered a Linked-In question today: What does “Prosperity” mean to you? Perhaps my response will go largely unnoticed—there were dozens of great answers posed. But answering this particular question meant a great deal to me because I had just today come to the realization that I am finally on the right path to my personal prosperity (and it doesn't have a lot to do with dollars). Oh yes, my little tootsies have only tentatively tickled the pavers so far, but now there is a schedule in place for making my way up the road.

"The Path"

Karen Florence McMullen is my Coach and she found me on Linked-In. Though we were three degrees of separation apart, a chain of L-I introductions brought us together on what will surely become a “Red Letter Day” on my calendar for years to come.

"Red Letter Day"

When we meet a person with unique and special gifts, an “aura” is immediately revealed, even though the light may have to travel through Cyberspace or Cell waves. I thought I had “seen” Karen’s aura during our first conversation, but didn’t want to make a hasty decision based on what I thought was just a “gut feeling.” I signed up during our second conversation, when I returned from a short photo shooting vacation in Arkansas and Texas.


In preparation for our “Discovery” session, Karen sent me a list of questions to think about and jot down responses as they came to me. “Make them brief, if you can—and don’t send your answers until the night before we talk.”


When I read the questions, my heart filled with dread. Some examples:

• What is really working in your life? Where are you satisfied?

• What is not working? Where do you need change even if you fear making that change?

• What do you think are your 3 best natural talents?

• What are you tolerating?

• Tell me about a time that was particularly disappointing.

There were 18 such questions, each one increasingly more soul-searching and difficult than the one before. But, in spite of my dread, and since I am compulsive about completing assignments, I did the best I could, and sent my answers at the appointed time.

The next day, the magic began. And I do mean “M*A*G*I*C .

"The Magic Began"

Disclaimer: This is not an advertisement for Karen’s services. But it is a revelation that even a smart person, and maybe especially a smart person, cannot always see the clear path to “prosperity” without a guide. Karen, and others in her profession, are gifted and trained to be just such a guide; they can help you see and remove the obstacles that block your path.

(to be continued)

All photographs by Michelle Alton
Note: An article about this blog and me "PharmaView: Via the Blog, a Pharma Star is Reborn" by Paul Thomas, Senior Editor, appears in the February, 2010 issue of Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Magazine.

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