Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Confessions of a Senior Clinical Operations Novice Job Searcher

Having worked uninterrupted for a long time as a successful Senior Clinical Operations professional, most recently at the Senior Director level, searching actively for a position is a completely new experience for me. I'm a novice, and sort of proud of it, to be perfectly frank!

But it's a hard slog out there for everyone in the job market these days, and for someone like me, a hugely daunting time. Yes there's a ton of stuff out there to teach us the best networking techniques, what to do, what not to do. One just simply cannot read it all, or retain it all, or know which articles are good and which are not. So what do we do?

So I come to you, up to my eyeballs in Networking Alligators (does that phrase date me?) hoping you'll find this blog and see the (shining light) about the mutually beneficial things we can do to help each other. Simply put: I need to find a new job, and you probably need my experience, skills, judgment, problem-avoidance and problem-solving abilities, communication and collaboration skills, to help propel your Clinical Research candidate (or any other project) to a successful, timely, on budget conclusion.

So here's my resume: Tomorrow, more about the trials and tribulations of an out-of-work (no stigma there, in these times, right?)

Michelle Alton:
Senior Clinical Operations and Data Managment Professional

That is really my LinkedIn profile, since I couldn't paste the text here. I live in Southeastern Pennsylvania so my location preferences would be Central New Jersey and Greater Philadelphia, but would consider more southern east coast locales, if the job was right.

More later!



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Sakshi said...

Good luck, Michelle! I'm sure you'll be as successful in your job search as you'e been in your previous work and on-going brilliance as a photographer! All the blogging best! -- your neighbor across the pond (my profile name is associated with my blog, so you might not recognize it:-)